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EastEnders Icons [19 Mar 2016|04:03pm]


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[28 Jun 2013|08:57am]

I have stopped watching it.
It is liberating to get two hours a week back.
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Which former Eastenders character would you bring back? [26 Apr 2013|07:20pm]

Can be anyone, as long as they weren't killed off in the show.

My pick would be David Wicks. I really enjoyed the brief time he was back and it just showed how good he could be.
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[25 Apr 2013|02:37pm]

So disappointed Michael Moon is leaving. Anyone else think he's a great character?
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[26 Mar 2013|10:42am]

How come Phil Mitchell gets so many chicks?
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[08 Feb 2013|06:40pm]

And after the heartbreaking episode today? Nothing? No comments? (sniff) Well, someday someone will say....something....
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[08 Feb 2013|03:34pm]

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[26 Jun 2012|08:06pm]

Busy in here?
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Eastenders cast donate kisses for charity <3 [05 Feb 2012|06:28pm]

Okay, not actual kisses, but silver pendants bearing the imprint of their kiss!
Home-Start UK is a fantastic UK family charity, and they are auctioning Kiss pendants by Johnny, Preeya, Marc, Charlie, Patsy Kensit and more of the Eastenders cast, on eBay.
Thought I'd pimp it here, if that's okay!

Check out the auction here
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Australia [27 Dec 2011|02:35pm]

Does anyone watch Eastenders in Australia? If so, how? Is it Foxtel? Are you able to watch online anywhere? I'm moving to Melbourne in March and i'm looking into all avenues so that I can get my fix!
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Doctor Who and Eastenders [25 Dec 2010|11:26am]

In this xxx story, there are chapters with Eastender Characters and it's not all about sex. See chapters 80 through 100
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Eastenders episodes from Summer of 2003 [18 Oct 2010|06:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

The Eastenders in the states are 7 years behind the UK, so bear with me. :)***
The episodes last night:
Zoe and Kelly have a falling out when Zoe starts seeing Kellys ex boyfriend. Zoe ends up asking Kel to leave (!)
Janine has started sleeping with Barry (ugh) as part of her and Pauls plan to fleece him.
Gary screws up again with Lynn: she comes home for her Birthday, and he's babysitting Lauras baby.
Martin is still a spoiled selfish little turd, and Pauline refuses to see what a rotten worm he is.
Kat: I love her and Alfie. Gran, Laura and Pat are great too. I used to like Zoe, but now I see what a heartless person she is. How could you do that to your friends?
Moe gets on my nerves now too: she's so whiny and weak.
I like Janine and Paul: they are the perfect couple. Paul is no match for Janine though: Janine is ruthless, and Paul tries to come off as the same way,but he's too nice.
I loath Barry. I used to feel sorry for him, until he threw Pat out of her own home. I keep waiting for him and nasty ol' Martin to get their comeuppance,
Thought? *** I would love to spend a week catching up to 2010. I'm addicted to EastEnders!

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Alan? [17 Oct 2010|05:39pm]

Was that the original Alan that we saw the other night? It kind of looked like him but then when I watched the omnibob today it looked more like Patrick's dead son Paul with a moustache!
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Stacey's Becca [07 Aug 2010|08:56pm]

   Does anyone have an idea what's the purpose of that Becca character? I keep watching, there are too many hidden agendas hinted at, but nothing as to suggest anything concrete at all. I have Eastenders on BBC Entertainment (outside UK) and we are some two weeks behind, but it doesn't look like there's been any development there. Have any info or ideas?  
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[16 Apr 2010|09:59pm]

Did anyone see the doctor dad dance at R&R tonight? As soon as 'Single Ladies' was on, I knew he was going to do some sort of cringeworthy dance lol!

Also, Masood finding out Syed's secret? My thoughts are that he'll probably tell Zainab what he saw, and she is going to admit she knew Syed was gay. Then there's going to be a huge row on Syed keeping the affair a 'secret'.

Eastenders, you fail to disappoint.
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[16 Apr 2010|08:15pm]

I know the Eastender has this silly spin off how. Is that the reason lots of slightly unrealistic, younger character have been added. I find them pretty annoying. Am I alone in this?
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The Book Club [22 Mar 2010|01:15am]

[ mood | calm ]

Yesterday whilst watching the Eastenders Omnibus, I noticed that there's a lot of bitchness in the book club. My observations are:

Zanaib tends to look down at Jane, even though the bloody woman has her own problems such as not accepting her son's sexuality and forcing him to live a lie.

Denise's bitterness towards Heather since the bombshell broke her son's father was Darren.

Now let me focus on Zainaib. Love or hate her, she is obessed with the 'perfect family' lifestyle. I don't know how Masood copes with such a perfectionist of wife wanting too much from the family. Zainab is absolutely pathetic that it reminds me of the people I know in real life and how they behave. She didn't like Amira that much when they first met; Zainab used to get along with both Jane and Christian until the Chryed affair came to light, now only the four people (Zainab, Jane, Christian and Syed) know what's going on whilst the long suffering husbands Masood and Ian are kept in the dark of their wives bitter wars.

Zainab just patronises and puts people down all the time. What she doesn't realise that the problems she has are pretty much closer to home than she thought...

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eastenders live behind the scenes: picspam [22 Feb 2010|11:50pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

Minispam (15 pictures) of the behind the scenes episode w/ commentary
Over at my journal here

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Great Episode Of The Year [22 Feb 2010|07:11am]

I'm happy to admit that when towards the end of Friday's live episode, when Bradley was being chased by the police on top of the Queen Vic, I had to hid myself beneath the bed covers because it was too much to bare.

I have always stuck by my word that Bradley had killed Archie. My dad thought Peggy and he would bet 10p for it. I guess we both lost, eh.

Other than that, the best episode of the year. Happy Birthday Eastenders! I'm proud of the cast's acting on Friday and as always. Let's hope Lacey Turner wins another award this year.
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[20 Feb 2010|07:35pm]

really cant believe bradley had to die :(  so is ryan ment to be stacy's babys dad?? and was really shocked (but not that suprised) about what Ronney said about what archie did when she was little.... what a dick (sorry i didnt wanna swear)
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