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The Book Club

Yesterday whilst watching the Eastenders Omnibus, I noticed that there's a lot of bitchness in the book club. My observations are:

Zanaib tends to look down at Jane, even though the bloody woman has her own problems such as not accepting her son's sexuality and forcing him to live a lie.

Denise's bitterness towards Heather since the bombshell broke her son's father was Darren.

Now let me focus on Zainaib. Love or hate her, she is obessed with the 'perfect family' lifestyle. I don't know how Masood copes with such a perfectionist of wife wanting too much from the family. Zainab is absolutely pathetic that it reminds me of the people I know in real life and how they behave. She didn't like Amira that much when they first met; Zainab used to get along with both Jane and Christian until the Chryed affair came to light, now only the four people (Zainab, Jane, Christian and Syed) know what's going on whilst the long suffering husbands Masood and Ian are kept in the dark of their wives bitter wars.

Zainab just patronises and puts people down all the time. What she doesn't realise that the problems she has are pretty much closer to home than she thought...
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