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Eastenders episodes from Summer of 2003

The Eastenders in the states are 7 years behind the UK, so bear with me. :)***
The episodes last night:
Zoe and Kelly have a falling out when Zoe starts seeing Kellys ex boyfriend. Zoe ends up asking Kel to leave (!)
Janine has started sleeping with Barry (ugh) as part of her and Pauls plan to fleece him.
Gary screws up again with Lynn: she comes home for her Birthday, and he's babysitting Lauras baby.
Martin is still a spoiled selfish little turd, and Pauline refuses to see what a rotten worm he is.
Kat: I love her and Alfie. Gran, Laura and Pat are great too. I used to like Zoe, but now I see what a heartless person she is. How could you do that to your friends?
Moe gets on my nerves now too: she's so whiny and weak.
I like Janine and Paul: they are the perfect couple. Paul is no match for Janine though: Janine is ruthless, and Paul tries to come off as the same way,but he's too nice.
I loath Barry. I used to feel sorry for him, until he threw Pat out of her own home. I keep waiting for him and nasty ol' Martin to get their comeuppance,
Thought? *** I would love to spend a week catching up to 2010. I'm addicted to EastEnders!
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